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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 29, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> now at noon, the entire baseball season comes down 21 game as the san francisco giants get ready for game seven of the world series. we will show you the preparation underway in kansas city and in san francisco. >> the us market in berkeley turned into eight crime scene after a shooting in the parking lot leaves aman dead. we will tell you about the evidence found at the scene and the people that police are now shooting for. >> plus a rocket explodes.
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an investigation into what went wrong and how the experiment onboard was connected connected to an oakland school. >> after a brutal loss to kansas city, the stage is now set for the final game of the world series. in just about five hours the san francisco giants get ready to battle for another championship title and bring home the coveted commissioners trophy. i'm torri campbell. we have team coverage are ready and place, but let's start with brian florez live in kansas city. >> good afternoon to you. game seven of the world series, the last baseball game of the season comes down to this. between our san francisco giants and are kansas city royals, a lot of the giants faithful hoping to forget what happened last night, we are focused getting ready for game
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number seven. we are live here at kauffman stadium where it's already abuzz this morning. the stadium crews are getting ready for the biggest game the city has seen in almost three decades. fans are out this morning as well. in fact we saw some of the few giants fans that made it out to kansas city. the giants fans that did make it out or send me disappointed last night, but they remain hopeful. some fans paid close to $600 for tickets to sit near the field, but as you know about last night was pretty much a lost cause. jake peavy was giving up five runs per inning in the third, and for the faithful diehard giants fans that made it out here they are hopeful for a giants championship. >> when i was looking forward to last night was being one of about 150 people left in the stadium down there with all the giants, and it would just be us. kind of an intimate little situation. that's what i'm looking out for
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tonight. >> the good thing was we took out some starters and out some rest and we are looking to come back tonight. >> i think it will be fun. game seven, san francisco. >> win or lose for the giants, officials say the city of kansas city is ready. we talked with the city spokesperson chris fernandez and he says he doesn't believe there will be any problems tonight. they will be inside the command center room in downtown. they watched through surveillance cameras to see if there will be any problems. they say the advantage of having key people especially for one big event in one room is simply better communication. >> we have everyone together whether it be police or fire or utility companies, what if there is a problem.
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that something that we have certainly had up and running for every home game. >> as we take it back out here live to kauffman stadium, it starting to get very busy. the scoreboard is on and several fans are making their way through here this afternoon. it will be electric as as always. tonight's starter for the giants will be tim hudson. kansas city will counter with jeremy guthrie, gametime 5:07 tonight. people of kansas city have been so gracious and so hopeful out here for us and our crews, we wish both teams lock but hopefully we are coming home with they championship. >> it's nice to hear that it has been a friendly reception near kansas city. now let's go to san francisco where crews are setting the stage for tonight's big event at the civic center plaza. that's where we find tara
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moriarty who let us know what's happening behind the big screen. >> the city has to get ready just in case the giants should win, and behind the big tv screen there is where all the action is. in front we have a handful of fans diehard who simply will not give up hope. earlier this morning we saw crews setting up a stage on city hall steps and some tense on the sidewalk just in case the giants take it all the way. we don't want to jinx those giants especially after last night heartbreaking 10-zero loss against the royals. loyal fans like carina jones got here last night and then her sister came to save their spots well she went to work. the pair also came last night and say the atmosphere here was electric. >> today again, it's go big and go home. >> kansas city thinks they have this in the bag.
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>> we don't have any blue in our october, we got this. >> there is no all call allowed on civic center plaza. they want to keep this a family friendly event, and they will be flying back early, win or lose. >> thank you very much. our game seven coverage begins at 3:00 this afternoon. first pitch is just after five. then stay with us after the game for more world series coverage right through the 10: 00 news. a person walking on the track in oakland was killed by and am track train this morning. amtrak officials say it happened around 8:30 a.m. near 30 seventh avenue. the train was headed south from sacramento to the oakland coliseum. none of the crew or eight passengers were injured. that train was taken out of service, however, and
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passengers were given alternate transportation. other trains living at reduced speeds right now and delays are expected to continue into the afternoon. a search is underway this afternoon for the people who shot and killed a man outside of a market in the berkeley marina. more on the important evidence found at the scene and the surveillance images that police want you to see. >> crime scene technician spent the morning searching for bullet casings and other evidence outside of the seabreeze market on university avenue in berkeley. a shootout in this dirt parking lot ended last night with a man dead. it happened just before 8:00. the victim in his 20's was shot once and his body was found near the picnic tables. there was also handgun much behind here and investigators say it may have belonged to the victim. there are a number of surveillance cameras on the outside of this market. investigators spent the morning
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going over the video and it seems to suggest that was not a random killing. >> they were revealing some video that this was some kind of planned meeting. for what purpose, we don't know. >> he state parks police headed up this investigation because the shooting happened in east shore state park near the berkeley marina. investigators talked with a number of witnesses who heard at least 15 gunshots. >> a lot of people go bike riding after work and hiking. >> after the gunfire witnesses saw two men are run off down front is road next to interstate 80. they also say this silver suv and this white pickup truck sped away from the parking lot at the same time. electives are asking anyone to come forward as they search for at least four people involved in this deadly gunbattle.
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>> authorities in san mateo county arrested a social worker that they say sexually abused 16 -year-old girl. the say their mom may be more victims. officers arrested 30 a -year-old man well said deal. here the left of the 16 -year-old girl he was assigned to buy the department of children and family services. he was already administrative leave for another matter and he is now out on bail. investigators are worried that other children assigned to him were also victimized. turning now to next tuesday's election, oakland mayoral candidate brent parker today received an endorsement from former state senate president donna parada. he ran for mayor in oakland and lost to jean quan and he said parker will excel in leaving the city as a whole. >> i believe is the exact right
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person at the right time. and by training and by instinct, bryan is a leader. >> parker says he also received the endorsement of former president then tell us. just a short time ago the health officer for california announced the state is requiring at 21 day quarantine for anyone california who has traveled from ebola stricken areas and has contact with infected patients. also check hagel announced that all american troops are returning from west africa on ebola missions will be quarantined for 21 days. that means servicemembers will be kept and supervise isolation. right now there are more than 1000 us troops in liberia and senegal as part of the us response to the ebola epidemic. the army put they small number of returning soldiers under
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quarantine this week. an investigation is now underway into what caused an unmanned rocket to explode on liftoff yesterday. and, the connection the rocket has to the bay area. mild weather across the bay area today, but ktvu is tracking weather that could dampen plans for trick or treat her is. plus a former oakland athletics player is recovering after being shot in his home.
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>> surprising new comments for pope francis who says evolution and the big day. are not in conflict with the teachings of the catholic church. during the meeting at the vatican the pope announces scientific explanations for the origin of the universe do not exclude the role of god in creation. the pope says god is not a magician with a magic wand but that god created human beings and then let them develop their own way. these comments differ from his predecessor pope benedict was a strict advocate of creationism. questions are being raised as to what caused a rocket headed for the international space station to explode. as janine de la vega tells us the rockets mission had ties to a bay area school.
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>> engines are at 108%. >> at first glance the launch of this unmanned rocket looks like success, but seconds later, disaster. the rocket explodes on the launchpad in virginia. among those watching were students from urban promise. >> it went from being extraordinarily excited to really disappointed and confused. the mac the rocket was carrying supplies including food to the international space station but it was also carrying more than at dozen research projects. the small school is expected to participate in may space program and these 36 graders won the national competition after they made their prison tatian in the. their project is, informs could compost in space. >> he got the idea because they'd seen so many little articles about how much trash they had to deal with in the space station, so they were
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going to send some warms up with some things to compost and analyze the soil when it came down. >> their theory was that warms could fertilize soil in space and provide food for the astronauts. nasa has promised that the students will get to send their project to space on a future will launch. >> you know science is full and it's an opportunity to receive feedback and start anew. >> another rocket it's expected to launch soon and it will be provided by space ask in june. >> former oakland athletics star josi canseco is recovering after accidentally shooting himself. he told officers he was cleaning his gun when it fired, hitting his left hand. according to several reports, he shot off one of his fingers. the mac i don't know him too well but it's kind of
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unfortunate. but i guess it's not totally surprising. >> doctor say canseco will never regain full use of his left hand. his fiancie quoted, family safe and sound with my love bug, glad he's safe and sound and got i was there when it happened, thank god. to oakland by going shopowners are working with police to locate dozens of bikes. these kicked in the door early saturday morning and the total of 46 bikes were taken including folding, electric and cargo bikes. >> having that many bikes stolen out of your shop is pretty devastating. it certainly set a president for us that we've not seen before. >> pretty heart-wrenching to see that and know that your livelihood was snatched away from you. pay period due to tips and surveillance but footage police have made some arrests, and they have recovered six bikes but 40 are still missing.
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civil defense officials on hawaii's big island say the lava flow from the kilauea volcano is inching towards a main road. lava is advancing about 30 feet per hour towards the main road in pahoa. the civil defense director says evacuation orders started overnight although most of the 1000 residents have already left. so far at the lava has burned through acres of vegetation, and empty shed and some tires. >> lots of clear skies over the bay area today and here's our life camera looking out towards san jose. beautiful out there for your wednesday afternoon. a few high clouds in the area but the warming trend will continue after the cool start this morning. as far as the forecast today, lots of people heading out towards civic center plaza for the viewing party. mostly clear skies and this is our life camera in san
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francisco. 65degrees, and by 9:00 back down into the upper 50's. here's the look at the current numbers, 75, very comfortable, and we have a few more spots in san francisco in the upper 60's to near 70. as far as the satellite perspective, there were storms to our north and this energy will be moving into northern california first in the form of some high clouds tomorrow and rain showers as we had towards friday for hollowing. the kansas city forecast for today, you can see in the clear, no threat of rain but temperatures will be on the poolside eye first pitch. 52degrees with mostly clear skies. today is one of the warmest days of the week and that means temperatures inland approaching the low 80's as high-pressure begins to relax for tomorrow, and we will cool things off and bring in high clouds. rain returns and some sierra snow, they have a few inches up above. 4500feet, and here is a look at
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the hollowing forecast. we are tracking scattered showers and there will be some breaks in the action by afternoon, but we could see showers redeveloping. here's hour forecast model showing us increasing high clouds throughout the day tomorrow, and just ahead, friday morning commute, we could have some what roadways out there. here's hour break, i was talking about friday afternoon but then you can see showers regenerate friday evening at 7:00 and that chance will last into saturday morning. sunday will be totally dry. forecast highs for this afternoon, very nice out there. upper 60's and a few areas in san francisco in the mid- 90's, but at least 78 in antioch, 882 degrees here. the clouds will thicken up as we head into thursday and will also cool off this temperatures. friday we could have some rain clouds along with those trip or the trick or treat kids.
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>> the timing of the storm could be changing so watch out for that. >> ra, they tuned to muni says it's printing service to making changes to several bus lines. the 10 towns and which used to stop running at 7:30 will now run every half-hour until midnight. it's the end of the line for the stockton, back to chestnut streets. the 27 brand will take a new route turning left on six street. a wave of the future headed to a south bay hardware store. after the break we will see how aa new robot will provide customer service.
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>> in the last hour the federal reserve announced they plan to keep a key interest rate at a record low to support the us stock market that is not only healthy and help lift inflation from unusually low levels. and as expected, they are also ending a bond purchase program that was intended to give long- term rates low. one local stock to watch, facebook slumped 6%, it's down 6-point% right now. expenses could rise sharply next year as it ramped up spending. the big board, the dow is down 75 and the nasdaq 30, snp down 10. chrysler today announced a
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major recall of 500,000 suvs and trucks. it includes ram pickup trucks, jay gray and cherokees and dodge during bill suv. some of vehicles have faulty fuel heaters and others have a bad cover over circuit boards which can disable this stability control. abe very area hardware store will be the first in the nation to offer customer service by using robots. >> im bosch bought, the orchard store robot helper. >> the robot speaks english and customers can tell them what they need and it will lead them to the aisle. for can be checked out at the store on royal avenue in san jose starting in a month. it was started by lowes, which
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took over orchard store, and a robot company. the google owned video site now relies on ads and sponsored posts to make money but youtube's chief executive officer says it's a paid option for youtube that would eliminate had in the near-term likelihood. the google executive said she believes some users would be able to pay for a subscription in order to watch videos without having to watch an ad first. baseball season is not quite over yet but basketball season is now here. tonight the warriors kickoff aa new season with a game in sacramento. it will be regular-season debut for head coach steve kerr. the warriors finished with 51 wins last season but lost to the clippers in the first round of the playoffs. their first game is saturday against the la lakers. we are looking for your fan photos. just post your photos to our facebook page and post them to instagram using the hash tag
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giants to win. we could be showing them on our newscast. again, game seven is now about four and half hours away. leading all the way up to the first pitch at five and then stay with us after the game for more world series coverage right to the 10:00 news. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we are always here on and you can follow us on twitter or facebook.
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